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Soviet Army night vision rifle scope 1PN51 NSPUM-3

Soviet army night vision rifle scope 1PN51 NSPUM-3,  “Kazuar”   (1ПН51 НСПУМ-3 “Казуар”) was developed by Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant in late 1970’s as advanced next generation night vision rifle scope for Soviet troops. This is first night scope in Soviet Army arsenal with second generation (Gen 2) image intensifiers which use microchannel plate to multiply the flow of electrons produced by the photocathode and get rid of blurry fish-eye effect like in earlier cascade Gen 1+  night scopes.

1PN51 Range Finding Reticle

1PN51 Range Finding Reticle

Like earlier models this scope is designed for night time surveillance and engaging distant targets at night for all Soviet and Russian Federation small arms systems like AKMN / AKMSN, AK-74N / AKS-74N, AKS-74UN, AK-74M, machine guns RPKN (SSBNs), RPK-74N (74N-RPKS), PKMN / PKMSN, SVD sniper rifle. Standard 1PN51 scope also fits RPG-7N/RPG-7DN propelled grenade launcher, although customized version named 1PN51-2 with more suitable reticle for engaging armored targets and additional operator head protection stock was made.

Although weight of scope remains the same as their predecessor NSPUM (1PN58) – 2.1 kg, its overall size is more compact than in earlier models and is only 276x140x210 mm compared to 458x99x186 mm of 1pn58 night vision scope. New improved optical system with Gen 2 image intensifier also allow increase range of target recognition in starlight conditions for a man size target – 400 meters and armored vehicle – 700 m and has improved protection against bright light exposure.

NSPUM-3 night vision scope has manually switchable reticle illumination intensify switch and same NSPU style tactical elevation setting mechanism with changeable pre-defined ballistics cams. New “VSS” and “AKSU” cams along with AK74 5.45x39mm cam are included in standard issue set.

1PN51/ NSPUM-3 In Storage Box

1PN51/ NSPUM-3 In Storage Box


NSPUM-3 1PN51 “Kazuar” Russian sniper night vision specifications.

Image intensifier type: Generation 2 image intensifier
Working Principle: passive, without need of extra infrared illuminators
Light amplification: up to 30’000 x, depending on image intensifier quality
Man size target visibility: 400 m
Car size target visibility: 700 m
Visible magnification: 3.46 x
Field of vision: H 9-35 °
Eye relief: 50 mm
Original power source: 5 x D-0.55C 1.25 V batteries
Working temperatures: +50 / -50 C°
Power source run time: 20 h @ +20C° / 0.5 h @ -50 C°
Mass: battle: 2.1 kg (with power source) / storage: 6.45 kg
Dimensions: L: 276mm / W: 140 mm / H: 210 mm




NSPUM-3 1PN51 “Kazuar” repair manuals and technical references.

We currently have one original NSPUM-3 / 1PN51 related Soviet Army manuals (in Russian) in our downloads section:

  • 1PN51 technical reference and general usage manual (Изделие 1ПН51. Техническое описание и инструкция по эксплуатации.) contains original manual with detailed internal schematics and diagrams, possible quick field repair instructions, along with general storage and maintenance guidelines. Download link: NSPUM-3 1PN51 technical reference and general usage manual

1PN51 night vision scope use same type batteries as 1PN58, if You looking for battery charger and power source instructions and maintenance guides, check 1PN58 page for additional documentation.

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