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Soviet Army night vision rifle scope 1PN34 NSPU

NSPU (Night Small-arms Scope Unified – НСПУ. Ночной Стрелковый Прицел Унифицированный) or 1PN34 (stands for Soviet Ministry Of Defense item number – индекс ГРАУ 1ПН34) starlight weapon sight was developed and introduced into production at “Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant” by Institute SRI-801 in lated 70’s, produced till early 90’s. After active night vision scopes like NSP-2 which utilizes high power IR illuminators, passive night vision scopes was a notable enhancement in Soviet Army arsenal as this devices allow operator stay covered and do not show his position to enemy while using IR illuminator.

Soviet Army night vision rifle scope 1PN34 NSPU night sight is designed for Warsaw pact weapons systems like AK (Avtomat Kalashnikov) automatic rifles, RPK machine guns, SVD sniper rifle and anti tank grenade launcher RPG. Sight is equipped with the elevation and windage drums and manual adjustment of reticule intensity. This starlight scope uses standard Soviet type small arms side clamp, which is universal to all Russian made scopes. For easy sight in each scope is equipped with different ballistic cams with predefined projectile marks.

Night vision scope power up from 2.5v wet cell battery (also called “Soviet missile batteries”) that comprises of two wet 1.25v cells wired in series.

1PN34 rifle scope was used in all branches of Soviet Army and their allies as standard night vision equipment for low light observation and shooting. Although guaranteed storage time on almost all parts are expired, this rifle scope still can be found in active service in some countries.

Russian NSPU 1PN34 3 stage gen 1 rifle scope with accesories

Picture above shows full set of NSPU night vision scope which consists from metallic storage case, scope and power source user manuals, additional dessication cartridge with silica gel granules, three wet cells within separate storage box, ballistic cams set, two objective iris lenses – one with changeable input which is very useful when using scope in early dusk/down or even daylight, other just plain red filter for enhanced visibility in shades of green, for usage in forest environment, two straps for securing canvas bag with scope on march equipment, additional spare cat-eye rubber eyepeace for hiding light from ocular part and canvas bag with accessories pockets which usually hold lens cleaning cloth, round cartridge with four spare reticule illumination bulbs and multi-tool wrench for field maintenance – reticule illumination bulbs and dessication cartridge exchange.

NSPU Russian sniper night vision specifications.

Image intensifier type: Three stage generation 1
Working Principle: passive, without extra infrared illuminators
Light amplification: up to 30’000 x
Man size target visibility: 400 m
Car size target visibility: 600 m
Visible magnification: 3.5 x
Field of vision: H: 5 ° / V: 4 °
Original power source: 2NKBN-1,5 / 2.5 V / 1.5 A / h
Mass:  battle: 2.2 kg / march: 3.5 kg
Dimensions: L: 495 mm / W: 96 mm / H: 191 mm

View trough 1PN34 night vision scope video.

Please note night scope range finding reticule which can be easily used to identify and quick aim at distant targets at total dark. Se below for NSPU range finding reticle reference.

NSPU Range Finding Reticle Reference

NSPU Range Finding Reticle Reference

NSPU repair manuals and technical references.

We currently have three original NSPU related Soviet Army manuals (in Russian) in our downloads section:

  • NSPU 1PN34 group replacement parts crate usage guide (Инструкция по использованию комплекта группового ЗИП ночной стрелковый прицел НСПУ) with step by step instructions how to change scope internal parts like high voltage power source, three stage image intensifier and so on. Also covers info on device after repair tuning and other tasks which can be solved at field repair shop. Download link: NSPU 1PN34 group replacement parts crate usage guide
  • NSPU 1PN34 batteries 2NKBN-1,5 usage and maintenance guide (Батареи аккумуляторные 2НКБН-1,5, 3НКБН-1,5 (2НКБН-1,5М, 3НКБН-1,5М). Инструкция по эксплуатации Г70.358.061 ИЭ). Charging, discharging and overall troubleshooting. Download link: NSPU 1PN34 batteries 2NKBN-1,5 usage and maintenance guide

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