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Soviet Army night vision binoculars PNV-57E

PNV-57E (ПНВ-57Е) night vision binoculars was designed for Soviet Army vehicles drivers, helicopters pilots and boats operators, this is standard issue night vision equipment for Mi24 helicopters and various types of armored vehicles. Designed for use at night conditions equivalent to natural night skylight – moon and stars of 0.003-0.005 lux and above. For insufficient light conditions various types of vehicle mounted artificial light infrared illuminators and infrared light diffusers are made for vehicles drivers and aviators needs.

This is one of most affordable Generation 1 night vision binoculars with mil-spec in mind, robust and rugged they can bring hours fun while driving vehicle or just exploring night time outdoors. Of course they are not so bright like Generation 2 and up night vision devices, but still outperform many of Generation 1 civilian night vision monoculars and binoculars.

Power source can be easily modified to run from single 9 Volts battery which can power up device all night without switching off as power consumption of PNV-57E night vision binoculars is just 300-350 mA. One of most popular alterations of this type of night vision binoculars are taking off head mount and conversation into simple binoculars as carry 2,5 kgs (5 lbs) on operator head can be challenging for most of the end users.

PNV-57E Night Vision Binoculars

PNV-57E Night Vision Binoculars

Standard PNV-57E Soviet Army issue set contains: metal storage box, PNV-57E night vision binoculars, power source cable with different type connectors for powering up from vehicle on-board power supply. Two pairs of infrared filters/diffusers for turning vehicle lights into infrared illuminators. A pair of replacement lenses for vehicle headlights. Spare screws, springs and tools for infrared filters mounting and basic night vision binoculars operation maintenance. Printed technical reference (we have it for download at bottom of this page), usage log book and operation manual. Cleaning cloth and cleaning brushes set.

PNV-57E Internal Schematics

PNV-57E Internal Schematics

PNV-57E Russian night vision binoculars specifications.

Field of view: no less then 35 degrees.
Magnification: 1-1.2 x
Max. resolution in the center of the field of view, lp / mm: at least 33
Working resolution in the center of the visual field, lp / mm: at least 26
Eyepiece diopters: +5 / -5
Input voltage: 12-15,5 24-30,5, input power auto switching to 24 and 12 depending on input voltage
Output Voltage: kV 19.5
Maximum power consumption: 6 W or less
Lens focal length: 37mm lens (set of nine lenses)

Night vision binoculars PNV-57E repair manuals and technical references.

We currently have one original PNV-57E related Soviet Army manuals (in Russian) in our downloads section:

  • PNV-57E technical reference manual (Прибор ПНВ-57Е. Техническое описание.) contains original manual with detailed internal schematics and diagrams, along with general storage and maintenance guidelines. Download link: PNV-57E technical reference manual

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