Night Vision and Thermal Systems

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Soviet Army night vision binoculars PNV-57E

PNV-57E Night Vision Binoculars

PNV-57E (ПНВ-57Е) night vision binoculars was designed for Soviet Army vehicles drivers, helicopters pilots and boats operators, this is standard issue night vision equipment for Mi24 helicopters and various types of armored vehicles. Designed for use at night conditions equivalent to natural night skylight – moon and stars of 0.003-0.005 lux and above. For insufficient light conditions various types of vehicle mounted artificial light infrared illuminators and infrared light diffusers are made for vehicles drivers and aviators needs.

Soviet Army night vision rifle scope 1PN51 NSPUM-3

1PN51/ NSPUM-3 In Storage Box

Soviet army night vision rifle scope 1PN51 NSPUM-3,  “Kazuar”   (1ПН51 НСПУМ-3 “Казуар”) was developed by Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant in late 1970’s as advanced next generation night vision rifle scope for Soviet troops. This is first night scope in Soviet Army arsenal with second generation (Gen 2) image intensifiers which use microchannel plate to multiply the flow of electrons produced by the photocathode and get rid of blurry fish-eye effect like in earlier cascade Gen 1+  night scopes. Like earlier models this scope is designed >>>

Soviet Army night vision rifle scope 1PN58 NSPUM

Soviet Night Vision Scope 1PN58 NSPUM

In the mid of 80’s, based on successful NSPU / 1PN34 scope design, new upgraded model starlight weapon scope 1PN58 NSPUM (НСПУМ. Ночной Стрелковый Прицел Унифицированный Модернизированный – NSPUM. Night Small-arms Scope Unified Modernized) is supplied to Soviet Army troops. One of the most notable improvements of 1PN58 scope, over older model night scope, was reduced weight, tablet style dry cell power source battery with operating voltage of 6.25 volts, improved and silent high voltage multiplier, led bulb for reticle illumination instead of incandescent bulb >>>

How to make night vision camera

CCD Camera

Many people need night vision cameras in order for them to see what’s happening inside their house or store during nighttime. Not all spy cameras have night vision features. But night vision cameras are somewhat costly. Some people are interested in making their own cameras so they research on how to make night vision cameras. There are many instructions that you can see online but some of them are complicated. You don’t have to deal with the technical stuff. You only need to understand the >>>

Common culprits behind poor night vision

Human Eye Diagram

The ability to see in the dark may come naturally for most humans, but there are some who actually suffer from poor night vision – sometimes through no fault of their own, but oftentimes through unhealthy treatment of the eyes. One obvious reasons of poor eyesight and, therefore, poor night vision – is the lack of ample vitamin A in the diet. Foods that are rich in vitamin A include: organ meats, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, squash, apricots, butter and cheese, among others. These foods >>>

How to make night vision goggles

Infrared LED for homemade night vision

For hunters and campers, it is important that they can see their surroundings during nighttime. But night vision devices are costly but are very good investments, though. Many campers and hunters want to have their own night vision devices such as goggles so that they can see what they are hunting even if it is dark. Don’t be in despair because you can make your own night vision goggles. Also, it is easy to make night vision goggles so you don’t have to worry. You >>>

Night vision technologies: Helping humans enhance their vision

Soldier in Vietnam with PVS-2

For those who want to improve their vision especially at night when they go hunting or whenever they just want to see objects that are extremely difficult for them to see when it is dark, devices that are categorized as part of night vision technologies are proven to be very useful. The night vision devices are perfect for them as these will allow them to have a wonderful time when they start to hunt for objects. The devices are even described by others as their >>>

Raptor night vision: Is it a good choice?

Raptor Night Vision Sight

In your attempt to find the best night vision device available in the market at present, you may find raptor night vision scope to be extremely useful. This specific device is something that you should include in your list of choices as this is really capable of providing you a good time when you start to hunt or when you want to fill your curiosity of what lurks in the dark. Being able to use night vision is considered to be an exciting hobby. Just >>>

How to make homemade night vision flashlight

LED Flashlight

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can enjoy staring at the night sky with all the stars out to shine on you? But the problem is that you do not see clearly in the dark that is why you don’t enjoy the sky. You don’t have to worry because night vision flashlights can help you with your stargazing. If you think that night vision devices are too costly, you may opt to make your own homemade night vision flashlight and devices. The best part here >>>

More than just the carrots: Steps on how to develop better night vision

Night Vision Carrots Myth

Have you heard of the Carrot Myth? Many people attribute the ability to see in the dark to eating lots and lots of carrots. This thought was believed to have gained fame when captured Allied pilots during the World War II used this as an excuse to cover up their new radar technology from probing German soldiers. They had better night vision because they ate plenty of carrots. In the midst of all the chaos of war, that bit of anecdote wouldn’t have given those >>>