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Night Vision Riflescopes and Weapon Sights

Night vision is basically an enhanced ability to see one’s surroundings with a minimal presence of light. It is a combination of an adequate amount of spectral range and intensity range. The former refers to a sensing technique which perceives radiation invisible to the human eye or is not in range with the “visible” light spectrum for humans.

Compared to nocturnal and several other animals, humans have poor night vision because of a certain layer of tissue in his eyes called the “tapetum lucidum”. It is the part of the visual organ which reflects visible light back through the retina part, which allows the photoreceptors to recognize an increase in light available, thus, improving the bearer’s vision in low-light conditions.

PVS-14 Military Night Vision

PVS-14 Military Night Vision

Spectral range is the ability of the subject to perceive radiation which is invisible to the human eye. It refers to a higher degree is light wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum compared to the visible light (380 nm to 760 nm) which is but a small parcel of the entire spectrum (1 pm to 100 Mm). On the other hand, intensity range is the capacity of the subject to see in an environment with very minimal lighting condition. This is made possible by the morphological and anatomical differences of the human eyes from other animals, such as having a larger eyeball or the ability to have the pupils dilate to a larger degree and the presence of the tissue tapetum lucidum.

This technology is widely used in tactical operations of the military, as well as police law enforcement missions and tactical entries. It enables them to perform such operations during the night when the targets are left disadvantageous in terms of visual due to a low light conditioned environment. This also allows them to increase the success rate of the mission in a discreet manner, thus, decreasing the risk of casualties.

The following list of night vision devices are already the top of the line released in the market today:

D-740 Generation 2+ Mil. Spec. Advanced Rifle Scope – lightweight and recoil-resistant housed in waterproof casing, high-grade multi-coated optics with guaranteed zero retention on high caliber weapons.

D-740 Generation 2+ Super High-Performance Advanced Rifle Scope – A Gen2 priced rifle scope with performance rated close to a Gen3.

D-740 Generation 3 Pinnacle Advanced Rifle Scope – the Pinnacle Image Intensifier Tube Technology allows the user to still able to see through sudden exposure to light which other devices makes the user temporarily blinded.

D-740 Generation 3 Select Alpha Advanced Rifle Scope – referred as the best rifle scope there is due to achieving optimized performance requirements.

D-760 Generation 2 Mil. Spec. Advance Rifle Scope – offers an upgrade of the D-740 Gen2 in terms of zoom range.

D-760 Generation 2 Super High-Performance Advanced Rifle Scope – offers a performance close to a Gen3 but still with the price of a Gen2.

D-760 Generation 2 Pinnacle Advanced Rifle Scope – an upgrade in zooming feature plus the inclusion of the Pinnacle Image Intensifier Tube Technology.

D-760 Generation 2 Select Alpha Advanced Rifle Scope – has one of the best performance with an advantage on zoom and detection range.

D-830 2.5-10×56 Generation 3 Advanced Day/Night System – a device that can be used both in day and nighttime through an additional eyepiece for such conversion and less the hassle of mount-dismount.

D-300 Generation 2+ Multi-Purpose Monocular – a hands-free mono-goggle / hand-held spotting scope used through day and night and a high-performance device at a low price.

D-300 Generation 2+ Mil. Spec. Multi-Purpose Monocular – is a slight upgrade of its predecessor.

MiNi-14 Generation 3 Pinnacle Advanced Multi-Purpose System – one of the most versatile, high-performing scope with the Pinnacle Image Intensifier Tube Technology.

MiNi-14 Generation 3 Select Alpha Advanced Multi-Purpose System – developed as an alternative to the AN/PVS-14. It functions at a depth of around 60 feet.

AN/PVS-14 Single Battery Generation 3 Alpha Multi-Purpose System – has the Automatic Brightness Control and Bright Light Protection with manual adjust.

ITT Night Enforcer PVS-14 With Autogated Pinnacle Tube – lightweight device equipped with the Pinnacle Image Intensifier Tube Technology mountable to a camera.

Raptor 4X Night Vision Rifle Scope (M644) – a weapon sight that can identify a target at around 1,857 at a quarter moonlit night.

Raptor 6X Night Vision Rifle Scope (M646) – is the big brother of M644 with an upgrade on magnification.

L3 M845 Generation 2HP 1.5X Compact Rifle Scope – is specifically designed for quick target acquisition and engagement.

L3 M845 Generation 2HP Mk II 2.8X Compact Rifle Scope – holds an upgrade on magnification and selective range of focus.

The price primarily depends on the advancements and modifications of technologies to suit every possible scenario of its usage. Gen1 rely on ambient light with an image intensifier of 1000x. Gen2 improved the light amplification up to 20,000x, as well as image resolution. Gen3 improved its light amplification to around 30,000-50,000x. Upgrades were also done on the components of the photo cathode.

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