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Infrared Security Camera – Excellent Protection through Invisible Light

Protection is very important these days as anytime, anywhere, and somehow criminals, burglars, and other dangers could get inside your home and cause havoc and chaos in your family unlike anything you’ve ever known. Well that could be a little too exaggerated, but it is possible, though by a very small chance would you let that small chance put your family’s safety at risk? Through the use of infrared security cameras, you can take advantage of the dark and prepare for coming dangers even before they enter your quiet abode. Have a mace ready at the door while an Infrared Security Camera is positioned outside, just to whack those goons right.

Security systems are enhanced using an infrared security camera. Though the normal camera would be nice with enough light from other sources, a sly burglar could easily unscrew the light bulb without getting caught on film and bypass the security system. Or, he can also wait for the right chance—when the light burns out. For this reason is the Infrared Security Camera created—to see beyond thick darkness and capture that burglar on film.

Infrared Security Camera

Infrared Security Camera

They are also very useful in places where a light source can’t be easily installed, or likewise could be easily removed. Trespassers and twilight burglars won’t even think twice to break into your home when you are targeted for a number of reasons, but similarly, you will not have any doubts that that same burglar can be caught using the film caught by the infrared enabled security cameras.

There are two types of infrared security cameras that you can pick from: the Indoor and Outdoor IR light enabled security cams. Indoor cameras are cameras that can’t work outside because of the lowered tolerance to weather and infrared light tracking. These are inexpensive cameras and are easy to place anywhere inside your house, while capturing a clear video. But when put outside, it can be easily broken by the wind, bumping it on any surface can lead to distortions in the film, and placing it facing reflective surfaces will do you no good.

But if you want rugged, but extensive infrared cameras, the outdoor types are the best for you. These are weather-adapted, high quality infrared cameras that allow you to film videos in very low lights and allow you to see black and white in utter darkness. They are the most versatile cameras that you can situate in any hard or easy corner outside your house, but this quality does not come affordably.

There are also different kinds of illuminators that you have to choose from. Choosing the right type of illuminator as accessory for your infrared security cameras is the most effective way to get the most out of your money as these determine how clearly it can film scenes and images in areas it is customized for.

Diode type IR illuminators are the smallest and cheapest type, designed for short-range illumination. Lamps on the other hand are more expensive to operate and maintain, but operates at greater distances and is powerful enough to identify faces. IR lasers can cover the most range out of all the types and is used by the military professionals as these are harmful to the eye if not handled correctly, but can deliver the best image clarity even in bad weather. Infrared cameras generally range fro $100 to $200 dollars with more extensive and high quality cameras reaching more than $250.

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