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How to make night vision goggles

For hunters and campers, it is important that they can see their surroundings during nighttime. But night vision devices are costly but are very good investments, though. Many campers and hunters want to have their own night vision devices such as goggles so that they can see what they are hunting even if it is dark. Don’t be in despair because you can make your own night vision goggles. Also, it is easy to make night vision goggles so you don’t have to worry. You just need to know the basics so that you will understand how the goggles work.

You don’t see clearly at night because of white light that impairs your night vision. Your eyes also cannot see clearly in the dark because of their limitations. But other lights can make it possible for you to see through the darkness of the night. Red light does not impair your night vision that is why many of the night vision devices use red lights. So in order to make night vision goggles, you need to eliminate white light.

Infrared image intensifier is used in making night vision devices. It may sound very technical but it is easy to make. This image intensifier tube absorbs the gathered light around so that you can see clearly at night with well-defined night vision. The infrared light that will be emitted will also not brighten the dark environment, thus not impairing your night vision.

Infrared LED for homemade night vision

Infrared LED for homemade night vision

So how will you do this? You need several LED lights and colored gels (blue and red needed). These materials will be your image intensifier that will gather the light and make the image clear at night or in the dark. You need to cut the colored gels in the shape of the lenses of the glasses that you will use as your goggles. You have to remove the original lenses because you will replace them with the colored gels. Red gels should be on top of the blue gels and glue them together in the eyewear. The colored gels should be secured so that no white light will leak.

Next thing you need to do is to glue infrared LEDs to each side of the goggles, probably 4 or 5 on each side. With the LEDs, the illumination will be created and light will be filtered through the colored gels. Your LEDs need power supply so you need to wire them to 3-volt batteries glued to each side of the goggles. You can attach a switch so you don’t have to connect the wires to the batteries when you need to turn on your night vision goggles.

In order to make night vision goggles effective, you have to ensure that you have enough amount of light being filtered through the colored gels. So if you think that the image is weak, you need to add more LEDs to your goggles.

People make night vision goggles because they are easy to do and they are not that costly unlike buying a new pair. So if you think you can make night vision goggles, find an eyewear that you will be comfortable wearing and start making your own pair.

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