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How to make night vision camera

Many people need night vision cameras in order for them to see what’s happening inside their house or store during nighttime. Not all spy cameras have night vision features. But night vision cameras are somewhat costly. Some people are interested in making their own cameras so they research on how to make night vision cameras. There are many instructions that you can see online but some of them are complicated. You don’t have to deal with the technical stuff. You only need to understand the basic theory and you will understand how to make night vision cameras.

Basically, night vision cameras work by combining the infrared illumination with CCD cameras that are sensitive to infrared light. The effect would be a monochrome image on a normal display device, which is dark to human eyes. This is because the light elicited is below the spectrum that the human eyes can see. The good thing here is that normal digital cameras are sensitive to infrared light so they can be used in making night vision cameras.

CCD Camera

CCD Camera

All you need to have are normal digital camera, infrared LEDs, and infrared torch. Infrared LEDs can be seen inside the TV remote controller and they can also be easily bought in shops. You don’t have to worry because they are cheap. Infrared torch or flashlight is already available in shops so you also don’t have to worry about that too. The last thing that you need is a used photographic film that will be used to filter the light that will be elicited by the flashlight.

You need to disassemble your camera to see the CCD. CCD is the chip-like structure just below the lens or camera which is soldered in a motherboard. When you have already located the CCD, you need to locate the iridescent glass and remove it. This filters the infrared light. Replace this glass with the used photographic film. Cut the blank portion of the used film and glue it around the CCD.

After you have glued the film in front of the CCD, you can now reassemble the camera. Be sure that you put everything in place so that your camera will work perfectly. So better memorize how the parts are connected with each other when you disassemble your camera. There are also other tips on assembling the camera that you can get through articles on how to make night vision cameras.

Once you have already assembled the camera, it is now ready to become a night vision device. One last thing that you need to do is to place an infrared torch or flashlight to lighten up the room. Now, test if the camera is able to capture images in the dark.

There are other ways on how to make night vision cameras but the steps above are the simplest. So now that you know how to make night vision cameras, you can see what’s happening inside your room or house even if the lights are off. Start making your own night vision camera now.

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