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How to make homemade night vision flashlight

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can enjoy staring at the night sky with all the stars out to shine on you? But the problem is that you do not see clearly in the dark that is why you don’t enjoy the sky. You don’t have to worry because night vision flashlights can help you with your stargazing. If you think that night vision devices are too costly, you may opt to make your own homemade night vision flashlight and devices. The best part here is that night vision flashlights are very easy to do. You can even see the materials that you need inside your house. So if you want to make your homemade night vision flashlight, here are the steps and materials that you need.

In making homemade night vision devices, it is important that you understand the theory behind the technology. Human eyes can only see things within the light spectrum visible to them. That is why during nighttime, it is hard to see things around you. Also, human eyes adjust easily to white light. This is the reason why it is hard to see at night when you came from a bright environment like well-lighted room. So white light should be eliminated in order for you to see clearly at night.

How are you going to do this? You can see clearly at night with the help of infrared lights. Infrared lights can be emitted if the light will be filtered and infrared will be the only wavelength that will pass the filter. You can do this by turning your regular flashlight into an infrared one.

LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

All you need to have is an old flashlight (but it should still be working) preferably with incandescent bulb and a pack of “Holiday” wraps. “Holiday” wraps are those plastic wrappers that you see during holidays (thus the name “Holiday” wraps). They are hard to find outside winter season so it is best if you can buy extra sheets or packs during the holiday season. Holiday wraps should be color red so that you can create an infrared light.

Plastic wraps should be cut in squares and enough to cover the end of flashlight with the bulb. Be sure to have extra space so that you can tape the wraps to the body of the flashlight. Plastic wraps should be 1/8 inch in thickness, just enough for the light to be filtered. Cover the end of the flashlight with the wraps and tape them onto the flashlight. Then you now have your own homemade night vision flashlight.

If you think that you don’t see clearly at night with the help of your flashlight, add additional layers of plastic wraps and change your bulb into a brighter one. It is just a matter of combining the amount of light and the thickness of red plastic wraps.

With your homemade night vision flashlight, you can now see the stars clearly. You can also see your map and even write something about your experience while looking at the sky.

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