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Heat Vision Goggles – New Generation of Thermal Imagery

Isn’t it fun to see something so easily while in the dark? Nowadays, thermal imaging goggles are great for having fun while doing your hobbies, search and rescue missions at rugged conditions or and even finding lost pet or your hunting trophy in a pitch black environment. The main purpose of heat vision or thermal imagery devices is to see something in the dark through focusing on the heat or temperature radiated by objects and creatures.

The heat vision goggles or other thermal imagery device collect these emitted images and let you see a detailed temperature graph image complete with sharp forms. Depending on heat vision device output display resolution, these images can be from just spooky white (or black, depending on your settings) spot till detailed image with smallest details available. It can be used to see objects underground even if there are not enough ambient light for standard nigh vision devices, no matter how advanced and what’s their ability of light amplifying – if there are no light, standard night vision is useless without additional infrared light source.

View trough thermal viewer

View trough thermal viewer

How does a heat vision goggles work? Infrared light is an invisible light that can’t be seen by the naked eye. It is below the visible light spectrum and is not created by reflecting light into the eyes’ lenses but is emitted by the objects and creature themselves. The largest part of the infrared spectrum is the thermal infrared light. The thermal infrared light is emitted by creatures or objects and has varied colors related to the temperature of the specific part or location. This is due to the activity of atoms that produce heat. The lenses in heat vision goggles or thermal viewer focus on the infrared light and are then scanned by infrared-detector elements. Through the infrared-detector elements, you can now see a detailed temperature pattern called a “Thermogram”. The thermogram created by infrared-detector elements is processed into electric impulse processing units in the thermal vision device and is then translated into data for display. You will now see different colors of the image depending on the temperature of the objects and creature in the image. And take note that it will take only one-thirtieth of a second to process this image.

There are a lot of choices for various these innovative imaging technologies products for various needs, from handheld building insulation energy auditing, large stationary medical and astronomical applications, till permitted to military and law enforcement personnel only high resolution portable heat vision goggles and viewers. Most popular choices available for public are Thermal Eye x200xp Handheld series viewer. It is a portable thermal imaging goggles with an effective performance to price ratio. It is very popular with people seeking thermal viewer device with waterproof, shockproof, light-weight body and good optical ability – with Thermal Eye x200xp operator can easily detect human activity for up to 1500ft (450m).

Another great product from Thermal Eye series with relatively affordable entry level price and good characteristics are Thermal Eye x50 series pocket-sized thermal system. Though it may not be as powerful as the x200xp, it can still give a decent performance as expected of its cheaper price while having all rugged viewer features.

But if you want a more comprehensive and more powerful thermal solution, there are high-end FLIR Binocular Series, TIG Thermal Infrared Binocular-Goggle System. This heat vision goggles system are housed in well known and time proven PVS-7 night vision housing and is one of the most advanced thermal goggles available at market today. With coated milspec Germanium optics, meeting United States Department Of Defense mil specs, this is perfect solution for battlefield applications or situations when ruggedness and hands free system is a must. This versatile product can work at daytime along with little to no light conditions and offers more advantage over standard night-vision goggles for operator at their mission.

Take a note that most advanced devices are available only for military and law enforcement personnel and can’t be exported without license or written approval of the government is required.

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