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Bundeswehr and Swiss Army Fero 51 infrared night vision binoculars

Fero 51 active infrared night vision pseudo-binoculars (actually monocular with two out channels) set was developed by well known companies AEG, Eltro (Zeiss – Group) and De Oude Delft for German Bundeswehr and Swiss army in late 1950’s.

Regarding age, these sets are still popular choice for night vision enthusiasts like hunters, travelers and night sky watchers as spares – infrared illuminators, image intensifier tubes and whole new sets still packed into sealed crates are widely available from army warehouses and private sellers. Due high quality components, Fero 51 binoculars, fitted with proper infrared illuminator are able clearly observe distant targets up to 400 meters.

Ferro 51 GEN 0 binoculars with infrared light source


Main features of the FERO 51 night vision:

– Device weight is just 1,75kg
– Rubber armor and high shock resistance
– Waterproof device body
– Eyepiece distance is adjustable from 58 mm to 72 mm
– Single eyepiece diopter focusing ranging scale from -5 to +5
– Wide field of vision is 6 grad 30
– Quality lenses are made by famous Zeiss
– 6x optical magnification
– Dimensions are LxHxW 270 mm x 85 mm x 166mm
– Operated from single 1,5V power source

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