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Built to last: PVS military night vision system

Military troops need to use a device in which they can see through the night or in the dark. Some operations of the military are not always in a broad daylight setting. That is why many military troops are using a night vision device so that they can see better in the dark. One of which is the PVS night vision or the AN/PVS-14 monocular scope.

Night vision devices such as this monocular scope are created and developed for ground-based nighttime missions whether in military or not. But US Armed Forces and NATO allies are the usual users of PVS night vision monocular scope. Since the 9/11 attack in the United States, the US military took extra steps in order to catch the culprit. So the AN/PVS-14 was in service since 2000 in the US military.

AN/PVS-14 is manufactured by Litton Industries and ITT Corporation and the device uses third generation image intensifier tube which helps people see in the dark. The third generation monocular scopes of PVS night vision already use single AA battery unlike the older versions in which they use 2 AA batteries. This monocular scope can be hand-held, weapon-mounted, or helmet-mounted to ensure that the troops who will use the device will be able to do their job properly without the interference of the device.

PVS-14 Military Night Vision

PVS-14 Military Night Vision

AN/PVS-14 monocular scope can be manually adjusted to gain control of the brightness so the user can set the brightness in a level he is comfortable with. Brightness gain is adjustable from 25 to more than 3000 fL/fL. It is also lightweight that makes it easy to carry anywhere and can be used in extended operations. Its weight is only 13.5 oz. This monocular scope is available in single eye monocular or dual eye monocular. Most users often prefer the single eye monocular scope because they can maintain night eye adaptation and the depth perception is more natural unlike the dual eye scope.

The dimension of this scope is 4.5” x 2” x 2.25” (LxWxH). The voltage requirement is 2.7 to 3.0 volts. Magnification is 1x with resolution of 64 lp which is the typical resolution for monocular scopes. Objective lens is at F/1.2 and the eyepiece lens is at EFL 26mm. The good thing about this monocular scope is that the focus ranges from 25 cm to infinity.

PVS night vision monocular scope can operate in a temperature range of -51 to 49 degrees Celsius and can be stored between -51 to 85 degrees Celsius. The battery of this monocular scope can be used approximately for 50 hours at a room temperature.

Full AN/PVS-14 specifications:

  • Field of View (Degrees): 40
  • Magnification: 1×
  • Resolution: 64 lp (typical)
  • Brightness Gain: Adjustable from 25 to more than 3000 fL/fL
  • Diopter Adjustment: +2 to -6 diopters
  • Objective Lens: F/1.2
  • Eyepiece Lens: EFL 26 mm
  • Focus Range: 25 cm to Infinity
  • Voltage Required: 2.7–3.0 Volts (in newer models 1.2–1.5 Volts)
  • Battery Type: Two AA size[2] (although the latest ITT version uses a single AA battery)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 50 hrs at room temp.
  • Weight w/ batteries: 13.5 oz (380 grams)
  • Dimensions: 4.5″ (L) × 2″ (W) × 2.25″ (H)
  • Operating temperature range (Degrees Celsius): -51 to +49
  • Storage Temperature Range (Degrees Celsius): -51 to +85
  • NSN: 5855-01-432-0524

AN/PVS-14 is a useful device during night operations and the troops will not be having a hard time using the device. The field of view is 40 degrees and peripheral view is still visible so as to see if there is someone or something within the range. The latest generations already have the advanced features and they can be used with most of PVS-7 accessories. So people who have these accessories do not have to buy a new set of accessories for the PVS night vision monocular scope.

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